• On-Air with Ryan Seacrest - April 17th

    Today we got a look at the new show "I Wanna Marry Harry". Plus, we saw Demi Lovato stop by Idol, and saw some kids who didn't know what a Walkman was. It's all here.. Read More
  • Taylor Swift Surprises Fan

    Watch Taylor Swift surprise one of her biggest fans at her bridal shower! Read More
  • On-Air with Ryan Seacrest - April 16th

    Today we addressed the rumor that Beyonce will be a bridesmaid for Kim Kardashian's wedding. Plus, we look back at some of the best moments from the last 10 years of On-Air, and we watch the American Authors sing us a song at Seacrest Studios. It's all here.. Read More

    Sunday the Racing Season kicks off at the Penticton Speedway with the "Have a Heart Race for Kids" Racing starts at 2 and there will be lots to see and do for the whole family. Check out pentictonspeedway.com or sunonline.ca for all the details. See you Sunday :)
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  • Mom and Dad told you a fib!!!

    Did you ever any of these as a kid from mom & dad: "if you sit to close to the TV you will go blind" or "if you swallow a watermelon seed it will grow in your stomach" Well I've got news for you....they LIED!!! lol What false advice did your parents give you growing up? I have some more things you might of heard as a kid this morning - Farm Read More
Inkaneep Wildfire Grows
  A wildfire on Osoyoos Indian Band Land (near Inkaneep) between Oliver and Osoyoos has spread from 20 hectares in size on Saturday to 80 hectares and continues to burn ... Read More...