• Enchilada Casserole Recipe

    Here's a recipe for a super simple enchilada casserole from Mare! Read More
  • Decluttering Mare's Home: Part 1

    Mare's got the "urge to purge" and is starting a blog series on how she's clearing out her house this winter. Read More
  • #TrendingToday - Monday

    In case you were under a rock yesterday (or out living your life - no judgement here), it was a HUGE weekend for football with the two conference finals taking place yesterday.  I ended up watching the Seahawks/Packers game which was really boring for the first 3 quarters, then SUPER EXCITING for the last bit with a huge comeback by the hawks.  The other game was a blowout and the Patriots will be in the big game, February 1st!   Read More
  • Mare's Music Monday: Nicki Minaj

    She wasn't a fan of Roman Reloaded, but does Mare like Nicki Minaj's new album The Pinkprint? Read More
  • #TrendingToday - Friday

    The internet is a magical place where anything can happen.  The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is much the same.  When Gwyneth was on his show on Wednesday night, they sang a few little ditties, which have now gone viral.  Enjoy (some language - NSFW)!  Read More
  • DIY Your Planner

    See how Mare took a very inexpensive planner and DIY'd it to make it something she loves! Read More
Principal of Oliver Elementary Passes Away
Students and faculty at Oliver Elementary are mourning this week, after the sudden passing of Principal Barton Tumlinson. A press release from the school board says Tumlinson was a 'loyal ... Read More...


  • On-Air with Ryan Seacrest - January 26

    Jason Derulo was on today to talk about “So You Think You Can Dance”. Plus, It was announced that Emma Watson will play Belle in Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”, and Sam Smith is to pay Tom Petty royalties for “Stay With Me”. It’s all here.. Read More