THIS is the Top Toy of the Century!

Posted By: Brian Mack · 9/14/2012 11:07:00 PM

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis did a poll on their website and it's OFFICIAL! G.I. Joe has been voted as the TOP TOY of the past century. It  got me thinking, what do YOU consider to be the most iconic toy of all time?

I definitely remember playing with G.I. Joes, but i didn't own many. My friend Jason Robertson had a TON of em, and he always kind of lived in an imagination land, so I would come over to his house and he'd have a full on army battle displayed, WITH sound effects, battle scenarios and more!

I DID collect wrestling figures; remember those ones that were bigger and made of a type of rubber, where if you left them outside or they got too much heat, they would melt, or at least the colours would start to run and you'd have a mangled looking figurine afterwards. I in fact, STILL have some of those, like a few different Macho Man Randy Savage figures, as he was my fav. I also used to collect He-Man figurines, and it was a blast from the past when i visited Toronto last month, as my friend Vito had the most amazing and intense collection of toys. He had almost an entire bookshelf, all with He-Man characters, including my favourite of all time: STINKOR! Except for that I thought his name was SKUNKOR this whole time. Well Vito kindly directed me in the right direction. WHY did I love that dude so much? Cuz he ACTUALLY STUNK!!! Like a SKUNK! lmao i always thought that was cool...

And last but not least, I had a Cabbage Patch Doll! I know that dates me, but i dont' care... his name was Ralph, and he had curly brown hair. And i also found an old E.T. the Extra Terrestrial doll so i have it displayed now in my house! lol Good times...

SOOOO!!!? What's YOUR favourite toys and the memories that accompany them? WRITE ME BACK!

Here's a Youtube video of a bunch of cool G.I. Joe figures, vehicles and more!


 Here's the Macho Man figure i'm talking abooooot....

And here's what Cabbage Patch Dolls look like:

Here's the full story, taken from Pulse of Radio!

G.I. JOE IS TOP TOY OF THE CENTURY: G.I. Joe has been voted the top toy of the past century in a poll conducted on the Children's Museum of Indianpolis website. Museum officials listed their top 100 toys of the past 100 years and more than 24,000 votes later, the list was narrowed down to just 20 toys with G.I. Joe at the top. Other toys that made the list include Transformers, Lego blocks, Barbie and the View-Master. The president and CEO of the museum said, "...Toys are a powerful tool for exploration and imagination as we learn and grow. They foster many shared memories across generations and, as was represented in the voting and story sharing for 100 Toys, across cultures as we read stories submitted from Germany, Canada, Australia and Israel." (Washington Post)

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