Best Halloween Candy... and GO!

Posted By: Brian Mack · 9/25/2012 11:23:00 PM

I think that overall, HALLOWEEN is my favourite holiday of the year. I love Christmas, but over the years (meaning as i get older) I find it less appealing, as it's so expensive, and some people go away for  the holidays, so it doesn't seem to feel like as much of a family tradition as it did when i was a kid. Thanksgiving is always great, because I LOVE ME SOME TURKEY! And gravy.. and mashed potatoes... and being around my family, ESPECIALLY now that i'm back home in BC. But by far, Halloween has ALWAYS been a blast for me!

I always love dressing up, and since being of age to drink, i've usually ended up at a nightclub or house party over the years... that is until i started djying in nite clubs! Now, i pretty much have to work every Halloween... SAD FACE! But hey, it could be worse!

When my brother and I were REALLY young, we would go out with our costumes on over top of our winter coats and head out with our dad to COLLECT! We would target trailer parks, as the houses were closer together, so you could cover more ground in the window of time you'd get to approach strangers houses asking for candy. WHAT A CRAZY THING TO DO, now that i just wrote that all out... LOL

I remember we would get SO much, that after our pillow cases were over halfways full, we'd have to get our dad to put a bunch of it in his pockets, and when that wouldn't work, we'd have to detour and drop off a load at our house. It was AMAZING! The collection of SO MUCH different types of candy was intense, and would last for awhile. I'm CERTAIN, now that i think back, that our parents were helping themselves, but we never could confirm our initial suspicions. And we lived in beachtown, so our neighbours were a motel, who provided kids who bothered to come to the motel office LARGE sized chocolate bars! We NEVER forgot to go their on our first stop. A BIG MR BIG BAR??? YES, PLEASE!

I love the mini chocolate bars, and favour the kit kats, wonderbars and smarties. I love licorice, and the candy corn. I loved MOST of that candy, but those were my favs... so. How about CHOOO???

Write me back with your favourite Halloween treats, or you'll get a trick! JK, i will leave you alone...

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