Demi Lovato Kicks 'Inappropriate' Rap Duo Offstage for Bath Salts Reference



There's a new boss in town on X Factor USA!

Demi Lovato went all 'Simon Cowell' on a pair of contestants, kicking them off stage for rapping about smoking bath salts.

Sources on set of the XFactor auditions in Greensboro, NC, told TMZ the two guys laid down a rap that included the line, "I'm high on bath salts."

Demi wan't having any of it...and as soon as the duo finished their song she proceeded to scold them for inappropriately rapping about "drugs in front of kids." 

Lovato spent time in rehab last year, and has admitted to using drugs/booze while underage... so it's no wonder she felt so strongly! 

TMZ reports the audience agreed and boo'd them offstage!