August 21, 2007
Satin Tie Productions

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Track Listing

  1. Intro - The Mighty Whispers Band [DVD]
  2. It's a Love Thing [DVD]
  3. Let's Go All the Way - In the Raw [DVD]
  4. Chocolate Girl [DVD]
  5. I Only Meant to Wet My Feet [DVD]
  6. Olivia [DVD]
  7. Butta [DVD]
  8. And the Beat Goes On [DVD]
  9. Welcome into My Dream [DVD]
  10. Are You Going My Way - Lady [DVD]
  11. A Song for Donny [DVD]
  12. A Theme _ Band Introductions [DVD]
  13. Keep on Loving Me [DVD]
  14. In the Mood [DVD]
  15. My Heart, Your Heart [DVD]
  16. It Just Gets Better with Time [DVD]
  17. Say Yes [DVD]
  18. Rock Steady [DVD]
  19. Rock Steady [DVD]
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