October 30, 2007
Velvel Records

Album Review

Instead of offering a brand-new compilation, the 2007 Kinks Greatest 1970-1986 repackages two previously released -- and quite good -- compilations in one slipcase: the 1976 set Celluloid Heroes, which covered their recordings for RCA in the early '70s, and the 1986 collection Come Dancing: The Best of the Kinks, which picked up where its predecessor left off and offered highlights from their Arista years. These are not the original LP versions of either record, they're the expanded and revamped versions Velvel/Koch released in the 2000s, which gives a broader, better look at both eras and helps make this Greatest the best place to get acquainted with the music the Kinks made after Lola, especially since the set also comes with the concert video One for the Road, a 1980 release that captures the band at the height of their arena-conquering powers.
Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. 20th Century Man
  2. Complicated Life
  3. Muswell Hillbilly
  4. Alcohol [Live]
  5. Celluloid Heroes
  6. Here Comes Yet Another Day
  7. Sweet Lady Genevieve
  8. One of the Survivors
  9. Sitting in the Midday Sun
  10. He's Evil
  11. Mirror of Love
  12. Artificial Man
  13. Everybody's a Star (Starmaker)
  14. (A) Face in the Crowd
  15. You Can't Stop the Music
  16. I'm in Disgrace
  17. The Hard Way
  18. No More Looking Back
  19. Come Dancing
  20. Low Budget
  21. Catch Me Now I'm Falling
  22. A Gallon of Gas
  23. (Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman [Disco Edit]
  24. Sleepwalker
  25. Full Moon
  26. Misfits
  27. A Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy
  28. Do It Again
  29. Better Things
  30. Lola [Live]
  31. You Really Got Me [Live]
  32. Good Day
  33. Living on a Thin Line
  34. Destroyer
  35. Don't Forget to Dance
  36. Father Christmas
  37. All Day and All of the Night [DVD][Live]
  38. Lola [DVD][Live]
  39. Low Budget [DVD][Live]
  40. Superman [DVD][Live]
  41. Attitude [DVD][Live]
  42. Celluloid Heroes [DVD][Live]
  43. The Hard Way [DVD][Live]
  44. Where Have All the Good Times Gone [DVD][Live]
  45. You Really Got Me [DVD][Live]
  46. Pressure [DVD][Live]
  47. Catch Me Now I'm Falling [DVD][Live]
  48. Victoria [DVD][Live]