December 09, 2008
Bear Family Records

Album Review

Shirley & Lee were the first and best of the young male-female duos in R&B during the early '50s. Their pair of hits -- "Let the Good Times Roll" and "Feels So Good" -- were delicious slices of New Orleans R&B with great performances from both the singers as well as studio mainstays Earl Palmer and Lee Allen. The German reissue giant Bear Family had already released a comprehensive box set (Sweethearts of the Blues), and they followed it with Shirley & Lee Rock (part of their burgeoning Rocks series), a 31-track disc that sums up the best of their Aladdin material, from their 1952 street-corner debut "I'm Gone" through the rest of the '50s. Both Shirley Goodman and Leonard Lee had grown up together in New Orleans, and although they were never actually sweethearts, their eccentric sound -- especially Shirley's nasal vocals -- meshed surprisingly well and proved very endearing. "Let the Good Times Roll" and "Feels So Good" are, of course, the highlights here. Beyond that, listeners will find an array of pretenders to the crown that attempted to find a hit with a similar formula, presented with Bear Family's typically commendable attention to detail and sound quality.
John Bush, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Let the Good Times Roll
  2. Keep On
  3. Comin' Over
  4. Two Happy People
  5. Feel So Good
  6. Takes Money
  7. I'll Thrill You
  8. That's What I'll Do
  9. I'll Do It (Deed I Do)
  10. I Feel Good
  11. Do You Mean to Hurt Me So
  12. Everything (When I Saw You)
  13. That's What I Wanna Do
  14. I Want to Dance
  15. Marry Me
  16. Before I Go
  17. Don't You Know I Love You
  18. Rock All Nite
  19. Rockin' with the Clock
  20. The Flirt
  21. Live on the Farm
  22. Everybody's Rockin'
  23. Come on and Have Your Fun
  24. All I Want to Do Is Cry
  25. When Day Is Done
  26. Like You Used to Do
  27. I'm Old Enough
  28. Hey Little Boy
  29. Somebody Put a Juke Box in the Study Hall
  30. Let the Good Times Roll
  31. I'm Gone