June 08, 1993

Album Review

After achieving worldwide stardom in the '80s, Ocean took a three-year recording hiatus in the early '90s. This resulting comeback album found him offering strong melodies, lyrics, and vocals once again, yet on occasion also showed him falling victim to current production trends. The set's highlights are the numbers produced by Steely & Clevie, R. Kelly and Dorsey "Bob" Robinson, while the tracks done by club stalwarts Hula & K. Fingers and new-school R&B figure Timmy Allen are weak and formulaic. Throughout it all, Ocean's performances are bright and compelling, as evidenced by the vivid "Everyday Sunshine" and uplifting "Pick Up the Pieces" -- both featuring well-crafted, round-style vocal arrangements. And though Time to Move On is primarily dance-oriented, the album contains lovely R&B/pop ballads with Ocean's signature, passion-filled delivery via "Rose" and "Everything's So Different Without You." This set isn't as consistently unforgettable as earlier works like Love Zone or Nights, but is still considerably strong.
Justin M. Kantor, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Pick Up the Pieces (Put It Back)
  2. Pressure
  3. Upside Down
  4. Everyday Sunshine
  5. Stand up Stand Up
  6. The World Wants to Dance
  7. Time to Move On
  8. Rose
  9. Can We Go 'Round Again?
  10. Everything's So Different Without You
  11. I'll Be There for You
  12. On Your Knees
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