Album Review

Savage Republic's originality had pretty much run its course by the time of their final studio album. Familiar instrumental motifs are repeated, but not expanded upon, though the Greek feel of "Song for Adonis" has a sweeter tone than they were usually inclined to employ. When they sing, half-formed lyrics and shouted vocals are still the order of the day (though "Mapia" probably includes their most conventional singing, aside from Ceremonial's "Andalusia"). "Rapeman's 1st EP" is as difficult and grating as they ever got, though it's not effective as either art or satire (if that was an intention).
Richie Unterberger, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Sucker Punch
  2. Sono Cairo
  3. Mapia
  4. The Birds of Pork
  5. Rapeman's First EP [Live]
  6. The World (At Our Fingertips)
  7. Song for Adonis
  8. Archetype
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