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These underrated folk-rock pioneers cut a great number of unreleased outtakes/demos during their mid-'60s prime that didn't make it onto the albums they released for the tiny Autumn label during that period. Fourteen of those songs were released in the early 1980s by Rhino on the fine From the Vaults album. Autumn of Their Years reprises ten of those tunes and adds 16 previously unreleased cuts for a grand total of 26, all of which are group originals. There are a lot of fine moments here, but it's actually a bit much for all but hardcore fans. First off, the best cuts -- ones like "She Sends Me," "Dream On," and "Love is Just a Game," which display their supremely haunting folk-rock melodicism and minor-key harmonies -- were already available on From the Vaults. The 16 newly found demos aren't as good, production-wise (several are acoustic sketches) or material-wise. Earlier demos of their hits "Laugh Laugh," "Just a Little," and "Still in Love with You Baby" are interesting in comparison to the originals, but not as good. And some strong cuts from From the Vaults are inexplicably omitted. Of the new vault finds, the highlight is "Tomorrow Is Another Day," an acoustic ballad showcasing Sal Valentino's rich and moving vocals.
Richie Unterberger, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. She Sends Me
  2. Tomorrow Is Another Day [#]
  3. She Loves Me
  4. Woman [Vocal Version]
  5. Dream On
  6. Cry Some [#]
  7. I Grow Old
  8. No Lonelier Man [#]
  9. This Is Love [#]
  10. She's My Girl [#]
  11. I'll Tell You
  12. Let Me In [#]
  13. Love Is Just a Game
  14. Till the Day [#]
  15. I Will Go
  16. Stay With Me Awhile [#]
  17. I'm Alone Again [#]
  18. Down on Me [#]
  19. Can't Be So
  20. Fine With Me
  21. Coming Home [#]
  22. That's All That Matters [#]
  23. Laugh, Laugh [#]
  24. Still in Love With You Baby [#]
  25. Just a Little [#]
  26. When It Comes to Your Love [#][Instrumental]
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