March 29, 2011
Melon Miel

Album Review

She's been recording for over 40 years, but Ginette Reno is an unstoppable force in Québecois music. La Musique en Moi shows her in a more contemporary light, as a standard-bearing diva standing over the contemporary music scene. Her sound is particularly emphatic, dramatic, and fitting for a grandiose telling of her musical story. At times, the sound seems a bit too dramatic as she overpowers the song itself with her overwhelming presence. That is the theme of the album, however -- the music is in her, and it's the music within that she's revealing to the world. The songs are somewhat dated in their arrangements, but that fits with her long singing history. La Musique en Moi does a good job of packing nostalgia for Reno's lore along with her formidable singing power -- it's not revolutionary by any means, but it doesn't intend to be. It's powerful and comfortable instead, a rare combination.
Adam Greenberg, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. La Musique en Moi
  2. La Même Adresse
  3. Papa Est en Amérique
  4. Tu Me Manques
  5. Ne M'Parlez Plus de Lui
  6. Fatiguée
  7. La Paix
  8. Perdu dans Montréal
  9. Là Où Ça Fait Mal
  10. Je Suis Guérie
  11. Voir Grandir Mes Enfants
  12. Folle
  13. Une Rose, un Baiser et C'est Tout
  14. La Merveille
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