Luaka Bop

Album Review

Geggy Tah may be eclectic, drawing from all sorts of collegiate rock, but they have a hard time focusing their talents on their second album, Sacred Cow. Careening between jangly pop, tame punk, reconstituted prog-rock and funk, the band covers a lot of ground without coming up with a distinctive sound. Furthermore, the group is undone by their weakness for cutesy, sophomoric jokes -- their very attitude makes it seem like they're being condescending to their own music. But the best moments on Sacred Cow -- despite their flaws, the band does have musical skill -- suggest that if the band can focus themselves, they'll produce an engaging album.
Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Granddad's Opening Address
  2. Whoever You Are
  3. Lotta Stuff
  4. Century Plant 2000
  5. Scared Cow
  6. House of Usher
  7. Don't Close the Door
  8. Such a Beautiful Night
  9. She Withers
  10. Las Vegas With the Lights Out
  11. Mem
  12. Shed
  13. Gina
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