January 27, 1994

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Track Listing

  1. I Just Can't Help It
  2. His Hand
  3. Hallelujah
  4. A Pity and a Shame
  5. Touch Not My Anointed
  6. God and Me
  7. Lord I've Had My Way
  8. Lord I Love Your Name
  9. It Is Well
  10. Let Jesus Lead You
  11. Going on Just the Same
  12. Charge to Keep I Have
  13. Jesus Will Help Us
  14. The Road I Travel
  15. Surely God Is Able
  16. Look to the Hills
  17. I Have Another Building
  18. Faith Makes the Difference
  19. Let the Words of My Mouth
  20. I'll Have a New Body
  21. The Holy Ghost Is Alright With Me
  22. If I Could Help Somebody
  23. I Know I Got a Home
  24. It's Real