August 01, 1995
A-Zap Records

Album Review

When hearing this avant rock band, it's hard to avoid comparisons with other Japanese underground groups, as Melt-Banana deals in a similar jump-cut noise rock extravagance in the vein of the Boredoms, Ruins, and Zeni Geva. Incidentally, the album consists of 24 stabs of screeching playful noise collage and extraordinarily agile progressive rock-punk fusion. The album was produced by Zeni Geva/Yona Kit guitarist K.K. Null in Chicago in 1994 with engineer Steve Albini. Those two names should be endorsement enough for fans of avant rock and underground noise.
Martin Walters, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Tail in Garbage (Tekepake)
  2. Rragg
  3. In x Out = Bug
  4. Scrubber
  5. So Unfilial Rule
  6. Dust Head
  7. A Teaspoon of Salt
  8. Stick Out
  9. Mouse Is a Biscuit
  10. 55 Hands Need to Cut Down
  11. P-Pop-Slop
  12. Smell the Medicine
  13. Switch
  14. P.B.D.
  15. Mind Thief
  16. Chicken Headed Raccoon Dog
  17. Cry for More Fish
  18. Screw, Loose
  19. Cook Cool Kyau Kuru
  20. Scissor Quiz
  21. Too Many to Dispose
  22. Blandished Hatman
  23. Cut Off
  24. Pierced Eye
  25. [Untitled Hidden Track]
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