Album Review

Culled from tapes of 60 concerts Bad Religion gave during 1996 on the Gray Race tour, the European-only Tested is a reasonably effective document of the group at the peak of their post-Brett Gurewitz power. Since the 27 tracks are taken from separate shows, the album never quite gains momentum like an actual live show, yet many of the individual moments (including three previously unrecorded songs) are excellent. Tested remains the province of dedicated collectors, but those fans will find it worthwhile.
Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Operation Rescue
  2. Punk Rock Song
  3. Tomorrow
  4. A Walk
  5. God Song
  6. Pity the Dead
  7. One Thousand More Fools
  8. Drunk Sincerity
  9. Generator
  10. Change of Ideas
  11. Portrait of Authority
  12. What It Is
  13. Dream of Unity
  14. Sanity
  15. American Jesus
  16. Do What You Want
  17. Part III
  18. 10 in 2010
  19. No Direction
  20. Along the Way
  21. Recipe for Hate
  22. Fuck Armageddon...This Is Hell
  23. It's Reciprocal
  24. Struck a Nerve
  25. Leave Mine to Me
  26. Tested
  27. No Control