Origo Sound

Album Review

Geir Jenssen's score for Erik Skjoldbjaerg's acclaimed 1997 film, Insomnia, was also released on CD by the Norwegian label Origo Sound, home to Jenssen's earlier Bel Canto recordings and a snatch of recent Biosphere reissues. As with other of Jenssen's latest releases (Substrata, Polar Sequences), his Insomnia score (here separated out into 17 separate tracks, most between two and five minutes) is tense, indolent stuff. The pressure is diminished somewhat by the brevity of the tracks, but those looking for the conceptual breadth typical of his non-cinematic works will be somewhat disappointed (although, to be sure, such expectations ignore the fact that Insomnia is, after all, a film score). The above caveat noted, however, this is beautiful work.
Sean Cooper, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Proem
  2. Lounge
  3. Forum
  4. Field
  5. Probe
  6. Yard
  7. Shade
  8. Ride
  9. Chamber
  10. 2nd Field
  11. Rush
  12. Transit
  13. Visit
  14. Gate
  15. Quay
  16. Tunnel
  17. Insomnia [AlanĂ¯a Mix]
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