Album Review

This EP would be worth purchasing if only for the previously unavailable "Vote You." There are merely minor, mostly inconspicuous changes in the edited version of "Ride the Tiger," and "Everything is Sorrow" is taken from the C'mon Kids LP. "Vote You," though, is a great piece of cool British pop with a little Spanish flavor thrown in here and there. Also unavailable except for this release, is the beautiful ballad, "A Part I Know So Well." Although remixes tend to be indulgent and/or generic, Grantby does a great job of creating a sweeping, spooky version of "Everything Is Sorrow."
Joe Schanderson, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Ride the Tiger [Edit]
  2. Vote You
  3. A Part I Know So Well
  4. Everything Is Sorrow [Grantby Remix]