January 12, 1999

Album Review

This hot elegy album for the dearly departed Lone Justice is sheer rockabilly road-trip, as well as an illuminating artifact by a smart (albeit frustrated) "crossover" band. Blends of hardcore old-country roots and fast modern originality can be iffy on the charts, but the efforts of post-Emmylou Harris drummer Don Heffington, Little Steven collaborator Ryan Hedgecock on guitar, and bassist Marvin "Mandolin Man" Etzioni are committed. In typical Justice fashion all songs are tagged by the distinct Kate Pierson-meets-Dolly Parton vocals of Maria McKee; in Emmylou-like "East of Eden" we hear great drums behind a rambly hand jive riff and lots of big-hair yelling. Highway rocker "Ways to Be Wicked" is all tambourines and banshee vibrato, and dramatic Maria gets talkative on stage with the lovestruck "Sweet Sweet Baby." A foot-stompin' good-time record.
Becky Byrkit, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Drugstore Cowboy [#]
  2. Rattlesnake Mama [#]
  3. This World Is Not My Home [#]
  4. Working Man Blues [#]
  5. Cottonbelt [#]
  6. Go 'Way Little Boy [#]
  7. The Train [#]
  8. East of Eden
  9. Ways to Be Wicked
  10. Don't Toss Us Away
  11. You Are the Light
  12. Sweet Jane [Live][#]
  13. I Found Love
  14. Shelter
  15. Dixie Storms
  16. Sweet, Sweet Baby (I'm Falling) [Live][#]
  17. Wheels [Live][#]
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