Armageddon Entertainment

Album Review

Two Halves for the Price of One is actually two separate records released together on one platter as a single entity. Part one, subtitled Only the Stones Remain, contains five previously unavailable studio selections. Three are punchy rockers, the most interesting being "Where Are the Prawns?," and a driving 1960s-style bluesy song with Beatles-derived vocal harmonies and a lengthy psychedelic-oriented coda. "Innocent Boy" is an edgy, poppish number with noticeable Byrdsian touches; that earlier group's influence is clearly not limited to this song, judging from the faithful cover of "Bells of Rhymney" which precedes it. Part two, subtitled Lope at the Hive, is a solid collection of live tracks played at the Hope and Anchor. Performances here are strong and gutsy, though the sound is at times a bit trebly and sometimes distorted. Three of the songs given here are covers, including a rollicking version of Bob Dylan's "Outlaw Blues," a manic rendition of Elvis Presley's "Mystery Train," and a wailing reading of Syd Barrett's "Astronomy Domine." This platter is a decent listen and will be of particular interest to fans of this fine group.
David Cleary, Rovi