September 04, 2001

Album Review

Sound Effects: 1992-2000 is an odd little release that came out in England and Japan in 2001. It's not quite a greatest-hits compilation, as many of the band's best-known and most beloved songs aren't even on it, and many of the ones that are ("Tidal Wave" and "Lucky Charm," for example) are present in alternate mixes and acoustic versions. The album seems to be an introduction of the band to the international pop scene; interestingly, it's compiled and sequenced as if it's a proper Apples in Stereo album. Though the songs are all in chronological order, the song choices are such that the album flows like a succinct album, with catchy pop songs sitting next to atmospheric experiments like "Strawberryfire." The group's secondary songwriters, bassist John McIntyre and drummer Hilarie Sidney, each get a track of their own as well. All of this gives Sound Effects: 1992-2000 a pleasing unity that in the long run probably works as well as any of the Apples in Stereo's proper albums as an introduction to the band's immense charms.
Stewart Mason, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Motorcar
  2. Touch the Water
  3. Time for Bed/I Know You'll Do Well
  4. Tidal Wave [Radio Mix]
  5. Lucky Charm [Radio Mix]
  6. Winter Must Be Cold
  7. Seems So
  8. Tin Pan Alley
  9. Ruby
  10. Strawberryfire
  11. 20 Cases Suggestive of...
  12. The Bird That You Can't See
  13. Not the Same [Acoustic]
  14. She's Just Like Me [Acoustic]