December 04, 2001

Album Review

New Old Songs is the remix album from rap-rock superstars Limp Bizkit. The band gets a lot of criticism, some deserved and some not, for their songwriting skills. But as this album proves, they actually have a very solid formula. The group's resident turntablist DJ Lethal has three remixes on the album, while Durst and Josh Abraham do a great remix of "Faith" by adding on bits and pieces of David Bowie's "Fame" and a decent rap by Everlast. And DJ Premier's mix of "My Way" is quite impressive, keeping it much like the original except for some great scratching and samples. The best remix might be Butch Vig's version of "Nookie," which sounds more like Fatboy Slim with its thick beat and dirty keyboards.
Bradley Torreano, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Nookie - For the Nookie [the Neptunes Remix]
  2. Take a Look Around [Timbaland Remix]
  3. Break Stuff [DJ Lethal Remix]
  4. My Way [P. Diddy Remix]
  5. Crushed [Bosko Remix]
  6. N 2gether Now (All in Together Now)
  7. Rearranged [Timbaland Remix]
  8. Getcha Groove On [Dirt Road Mix]
  9. Faith/Fame Remix
  10. My Way [DJ Lethal Remix]
  11. Nookie [androids Vs. Las Putas Remix]
  12. Counterfeit [Lethal Dose Extreme Guitar Mix]
  13. Rollin [DJ Monk -Vs- The Track Mack Remix]
  14. My Way [DJ Premier Way Remix][*]
  15. My Way [William Orbit's Mix][*]
  16. My Way [Pistols' Dancehall Dub][*]
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