March 26, 2002
Burnt Toast Vinyl

Album Review

Denison Witmer's first full-length release, Safe Away, is a giveaway of the dual talents behind the work. The fond appeal of Denison's own songwriting, in combination with the shimmering instrumental work of Don Peris (the Innocence Mission) unfolds with airy simplicity. Unlike successive albums, Safe Away is minimally produced - a close replication of a live acoustic performance, with touches of organ or guitar appearing almost as subconscious blushes of emotion, rather than anything to be focused on by the listener. Witmer proceeds through the setlist with the confidence and generosity of a seasoned songwriter, despite the journal-like candor of his lyrics. As Witmer opens his heart, Peris likewise opens volumes of space with his reverberant production style, setting Witmer on good footing for his first of several records on the Burnt Toast Vinyl label.
Lisa M. Smith, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Steven
  2. Breathe in This Life
  3. Over My Head
  4. This and That
  5. Closer to the Sun
  6. What Will Stay?
  7. Miles
  8. Dain
  9. Los Angeles
  10. Around Everything
  11. I Would Call You Now
  12. Sarah's Bridge
  13. I Won't Leave
  14. Broken
  15. Say You'll Stick Around
  16. Meant to Be