Collectors' Choice Music

Album Review

This is the third and final LP by the three-piece acoustic folk Journeymen -- featuring the immense talents of Dick Weissman (banjo/vocals), Scott McKenzie (guitar/vocals), and John Phillips (guitar/vocals). The title New Directions in Folk Music (1963) could not have been more accurate. In a very short span of time during the early '60s, the more traditional forms of folk began to synthesize with blues and even pop to create uncharted musical landscapes. The trio embraced these various influences throughout this effort. Of the dozen cuts on this platter there are notably few true original compositions. However, as they had done on their prior two long-players, there are fresh and vital interpretations of standards including "Stackolee," which is also know as "Stagger Lee" as well as Jesse "Lone Cat" Fuller's "San Francisco Bay Blues" and the striking reading of Ian Tyson's "Four Strong Winds." Not to be missed is the sly "One Quick Martini" or, quite possibly the highlight of the whole affair, the cover of Muddy Waters' "Someday Baby." Although the Journeymen were forging new inroads for the genre, behind the scenes the combo was falling apart. By the end of 1964 Phillips had formed the New Journeymen with his wife Michelle and Marshall Brickman (banjo). This band would be the launch pad for the Mamas & the Papas as Denny Doherty (vocals/guitar) would eventually replace Brickman several months later. In 2003 Collectors' Choice Music issued New Directions in Folk Music onto CD with seven additional bonus tracks. Among them are previously unearthed takes of the aforementioned "San Francisco Bay Blues," another Tyson number called "Makes a Long Time Man Feel Bad," "Greenland Whale Fisheries," "I May Be Right," and the stunning reworking of "Mary Wore Three Links of Chain."
Lindsay Planer, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Stackolee
  2. All the Pretty Little Horses
  3. Two Hoboes
  4. San Francisco Bay Blues
  5. Someone to Talk My Troubles To
  6. Ja-Da
  7. Bay of Mexico
  8. Ben and Me
  9. Someday Baby
  10. One Quick Martini
  11. Country Blues
  12. Four Strong Winds
  13. Rag Mama [*]
  14. San Francisco Bay Blues [#][*]
  15. Makes a Long Time Man Feel Bad [#][*]
  16. Virgin Mary [*]
  17. Mary Wore Three Links of Chain [*]
  18. I May Be Right [*]
  19. Greenland Whale Fisheries [*]
  20. [Untitled Track]