Album Review

In their final major-label release before heading for a video-making career, these two veteran English music-makers tackle environmental degradation and nuclear annihilation. After earlier releases full of detached sarcasm and sardonic wit, it's refreshing to hear the pair actually care about something, although they sometimes hector. Musically, the songs are linked by the use of harmonicas on every track. This is one of their stronger albums because of thematic consistency and typically terrific production, including the usual gorgeous, multi-tracked harmonies. In spite of the gloomy subject matter, the album-closing "Desperate Times" ends on an optimistic note.
Mark Allan, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. H.E.A.V.E.N
  2. A Little Piece of Heaven
  3. Don't Set Fire (To the One I Love)
  4. Golden Rings
  5. Crime and Punishment
  6. The Big Bang
  7. 10,000 Angels
  8. Sweet Memory
  9. Airforce One
  10. The Last Page of History
  11. Desperate Times