Sugar Hill

Album Review

The First Wippoorwill is a tribute album by Peter Rowan to his mentor, Bill Monroe, and it is one of the most moving salutes ever recorded in country music. It isn't moving purely in sentimental terms, either -- what makes the record so successful is how Rowan affectionately demonstrates his debt to Monroe with invigorating, lively performances instead of treating the music as a museum piece. Rowan assembled a crackerjack backing band -- featuring Buddy Spicher, Sam Bush, Roy Huskey Jr., Bill Keith and Richard Greene -- which helps him make one of the best, most focused records of his career.
Thom Owens, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. I'm on My Way Back to the Old Home
  2. I'm Just a Used to Be
  3. I Believed in You, Darling
  4. Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong
  5. When the Golden Leaves Begin to Fall
  6. I Was Left on the Street
  7. Goodbye Old Pal
  8. When You Are Lonely
  9. The First Whippoorwill
  10. Sittin' Alone in the Moonlight
  11. Boat of Love
  12. It's Mighty Dark to Travel
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