Electro-funk duo Chromeo formed in Montreal in the early 21st century, a project of former hip-hop producers Dave One and Pee Thug (news flash: not their given names). Dave handled guitars and vocals; Pee was the talkbox-wielding synth specialist. From the beginning, Chromeo made it clear that the name of their well-dressed game would be artful detachment, earnest songwriting, retro breakdowns, and gleaming plastic beats -- not serious intent or aggressive musical-regime change. The "Destination Overdrive" single appeared in late 2003, complete with the tingling B-side "Needy Girl" (a ringer for Yaz's "Situation") and a DFA remix; the She's in Control LP dropped from Vice in early February 2004. Chromeo issued two mixes, 2005's Un Joli Mix Pour Toi and 2006's Ce Soir, On Danse, while gigging and working on their second album. Fancy Footwork arrived in summer 2007, boasting a slicker sound and poppier songwriting (courtesy of Cassius' Philippe Zdar on mixing duties), plus an avalanche of remixes. As fans awaited another album, Chromeo released DJ-Kicks in 2009. They finally returned in August 2010 with Business Casual, released by Atlantic Records in the U.S. The singles "Over Your Shoulder" and "Sexy Socialite" were released in 2013, and both landed on the group's 2014 album, White Women.
Johnny Loftus, Rovi

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