Old Time Relijun

In January 1995 guitarist/vocalist Arrington de Dionyso was encouraged by the musicians that became Old Time Relijun to assemble a group to perform the compositions that he was writing. The group subsequently signed a recording contract with K Records and released two full-length CDs with the label. Between 1989 and 1995, de Dionyso recorded nine cassettes of homemade music on his four-track recorder, releasing each one on his own label, Pine Cone Alley. De Dionyso played the lion's share of the instruments on all of the cassettes, which he then gave to friends and sold through tape trade reviews. A buzz began to circulate in de Dionyso's hometown of Olympia, WA, during the early '90s about the releases, and he was encouraged by bassist Aaron Hartman and drummer Bryce Panic to put Old Time Relijun together to perform the music live. The group added percussionist Fezdak Water shortly thereafter, but then he left within a year due to artistic differences.