As One

Kirk Degiorgio is one of the lesser recognized but most prolific and progressive players in the U.K. techno underground. While his visionary fusions of Detroit soul and cold, crystalline tech on albums such as Reflections and Celestial Soul, two of the earliest albums credited to As One, earned him a strong reputation as a producer, Degiorgio was influential on the label front. Applied Rhythmic Technologies (A.R.T.) and Op-Art contributed greatly to the birth and continued vitality of the U.K. experimental techno/electronica scenes more frequently credited to larger labels like Rephlex and Warp. Formed in 1991, A.R.T. released early tracks from the Black Dog and B12, and helped bring wider attention to a core of U.K. artists who worked in a vein inspired by (but not simply reducible to) the music's Detroit originators. Although the label gained wider acknowledgment through co-release projects with names such as Rephlex, B12, and New Electronica (with two label comps titled Objets d'Art released on the latter), A.R.T. remained something of a connoisseur's choice, with limited releases that tended to disappear soon after they were released. Degiorgio slowed A.R.T.'s already leisurely release schedule in 1996, established Op-Art as a more artist-oriented label geared toward wider exposure, and reactivated A.R.T. during the late 2000s.