In a career filled with ups and downs, Sia Furler has been an in-demand guest vocalist; a quirky singer/songwriter; a hitmaker for the likes of Rihanna and Beyoncé; and more popular than ever as an artist in her own right in the 2010s. Although raised in Australia, Furler rose to fame after moving to the U.K., where she worked as a guest vocalist for several groups -- including the electronica duo Zero 7 -- and released her own solo albums. Born in 1975, she first performed on the Adelaide jazz circuit during the '90s as a vocalist for the band Crisp. An attempt to launch a solo career in 1997 didn't pan out, though, and she eventually hopped on a plane to London. While there, she landed a gig as a backup singer for Jamiroquai and inked a solo contract with DancePool, a sublabel of Sony.

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