Fire Danger Rating in the Okanagan is High or Extreme in Most Areas


The Fire Danger Rating is high in the South Okanagan is high in almost all areas with Olalla sitting in an extreme danger rating.

Kayla Pepper with the Kamloops Fire Centre says it's extremely important for people to use caution when setting a campfire.

"Some tips that they can do is check the weather conditions before they even light a campfire. If it's windy in the area maybe rethink doing so. Also make sure that there's no brush around the campfire. Scrape down to the mineral soil to ensure that if the fire does happen to spread it won't go very far"

Pepper says so far this the number of fires in the region has been on par with last year.

"For the Penticton area we've seen 47 fires burn a total of 41 hectares. So last time at this year we were seeing it fairly similar, 45 fires and 17 hectares burned. Most of these fires have been lightening caused throughout the region but definitely some person caused fires. Usually by the end of the year it ends up being 50 to 50"

Temperatures are expected to rise as we head into the weekend and Pepper is asking people to make sure campfires are fully extinguished before leaving them.

She also adds that fire enforcement officers are out ticketing campers and people who are not abiding by the current fire restrictions.

Anita Sthankiya -Penticton

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