Chretien Family Release Statement Regarding the Discovery of Albert Chretien



Rita Chretien along with Albert Chretien's older brother Henry, his wife Betty, and Church of Nazarene Pastro Neal Allenbrand addressed the public about the discovery of Albert Chretien's body in the Nevada wilderness.

While Rita Chretien did not release an official statement, Henry did speak to the media.

Statement of Henry Chretien:

"Good Morning. I speak this morning on behalf of Rita and family. I am Henry, Albert’s older brother. On September the twenty third of this year Rita with four others, returned from a very successful nine day tour. The purpose of the tour was to thank those who searched for her and Albert, those who prayed for them, and those who encouraged us over the last year and a bit. Rita shared much of her story with the people we met, answering many questions and having many questions answered by searchers. Many of the searchers expressed the need to find Albert as they felt their missions were incomplete and the also needed closure. We take this opportunity to once again thank the searchers, prayers and encouragers.

We give special thanks to the RCMP, the Elko County Sheriff's Office and all of the agencies who took this search seriously and cooperated effectively.

We are thankful to you the media, for doing your job. Without the publicity you gave us there would have been fewer searches, especially by the volunteers. The family also wanted a tangible closure. September 29 at about four o’clock, one week after our trip, Albert’s remains were found by hunters. Our understanding is, Albert’s remains were found resting under a tree. He had placed his back pack where it could be seen. He laid down under the protection of the tree for a much needed rest and died peacefully in his sleep. After leaving the van, he walked approximately ten miles and climbed twenty three hundred feet in altitude in adverse conditions. His clothed skeleton was intact, his blanket and other possessions were with him. We conclude that he was not attacked before or after his death by mountain lions or other large predators. This brings us comfort. We had long concluded that Albert was in heaven already.

We now have more insight into his last day here. We now have comfort and closure to this chapter in our lives. We say Praise the lord Jesus. Albert wanted to be buried in Penticton. We will honor his desire as soon as possible. This family is not used to a lot attention. Most of us prefer privacy over limelight. I would like to thank you, the media, again for doing your job. After this interview we hope to go back to our private lifestyle, sharing about what God has done when appropriate, and being better people because of what Albert has taught us."

Anita Sthankiya -Penticton

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