• Enchilada Casserole Recipe

    Here's a recipe for a super simple enchilada casserole from Mare! Read More
  • Decluttering Mare's Home: Part 1

    Mare's got the "urge to purge" and is starting a blog series on how she's clearing out her house this winter. Read More
  • #TrendingToday - Monday

    In case you were under a rock yesterday (or out living your life - no judgement here), it was a HUGE weekend for football with the two conference finals taking place yesterday.  I ended up watching the Seahawks/Packers game which was really boring for the first 3 quarters, then SUPER EXCITING for the last bit with a huge comeback by the hawks.  The other game was a blowout and the Patriots will be in the big game, February 1st!   Read More
  • Mare's Music Monday: Nicki Minaj

    She wasn't a fan of Roman Reloaded, but does Mare like Nicki Minaj's new album The Pinkprint? Read More
  • #TrendingToday - Friday

    The internet is a magical place where anything can happen.  The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is much the same.  When Gwyneth was on his show on Wednesday night, they sang a few little ditties, which have now gone viral.  Enjoy (some language - NSFW)!  Read More