• De-cluttering Mare's Home: Part 3

    In another De-Cluttering My Home post, Mare brings you into her pantry! Read More
  • #TrendingToday - Monday

    Get your sharpie out, Live Long and Prosper.  There are a lot of ways the old fivers can be changed in to famous people, and now with the sad passing of Leonard Nimoy, a lot of 'Spocked' bills have been popping up.  Because of this, the Bank of Canada has pubicly stated that you can do this and it's not illegal!  They also put out the warning that some businesses may refuse them though.  I don't know about you, but I'd probably keep a Spock 5 and not spend it.  Read More
  • #TrendingToday - Thursday

    Coffee in a cookie cup?  Hello calories being added to my morning coffee!  Read More
  • #TrendingToday - Wednesday (Pink Shirt Day)

    First things first - Today is Pink Shirt Day and TONS of people are on board!  I've seen people all over penticton rocking their pink shirts to show they won't tolerate bullying!  Online people are using the hashtags #PinkShirtDay and #PinkItForward along with positivity and compliments to make the web a better place!  Join in!  The Okanagan Boys and Girls clubs are also supporting this year.   Read More
  • #TrendingToday - XTina Tuesday

    Trending Today – All Christina Edition Read More