• Sun FX!!

    Check out the guesses we've had so far! Read More
  • #TrendingToday - VMAs & New Videos

    The VMAs were super intense.  Just know that Taylor and Nicki made up, but then Nicki had a bone to pick with Miley over her comments in a Magazine where she said she didn't respect the fact that Nicki wasn't nominated for Anaconda.  Read More
  • #TrendingToday - Friday

    Man buns have been a craze for a while now, but it's recently been proven how popular they really are.  Read More
  • #TrendingToday - Thursday

    This kind of sounds like one of those ads that shows up along the side of your web browser when you're online.... but a guy is actually making $10,000 a month with just potatoes and a pen.  Read More
  • #TrendingToday - Wednesday

    It's been 11 years since we've seen anything new from 'FRIENDS'... until now!
    It's a deleted scene from the episode 'The One Where Rachel Tells Ross', which aired shortly after 9/11. And because of that, this scene was deleted.  Read More