• #Sleaze - May 25

    The only singing competition I still watch, is still predictable, but I’m glad. Last night was The Voice finale and the winner was SO deserving and pretty much had it in the bag from the start.  Plus, the first time a female coach has won! (What up Xtina!).   Read More
  • #Sleaze - May 24

    GoT my emotions all mixed up, a new Disney Trailer, and Bryan's Super Sweet 60! Read More
  • #Sleaze - May 19

    Popstar's new trailer is never stopping, Zefron gets soaked and Ellen gets us the deets we need. Read More
  • #Sleaze - May 18

    Ashley Graham seduces a Jo Bro, JLaw is all of us, and Margot Robbie's an Australian Psycho Read More
  • #Sleaze - May 17

    Carpool Karaoke with a couple BFFLs, The New Rocky Horror, and Swim Trunks & Flippy Floppys Read More