• BC At Nite just became (being cool) at nite

    We are excited to have a new friendly face and voice to BC At Nite. Katie is fun, bubbly and brings great energy to our already fantastic crew. You can listen to Katie weekday from 7pm to Midnight. Check out her show and stay up to date with the latest industry news and exciting gossip about entertainers. If anyone can keep the music beat going Katie can. Although she may be a little obsessed with Taylor Swift, we don't fault her on that...who doesn't love Taylor, right? Read More

Katie Murray

I was born as a baby in the town of Langley. Currently I am waiting for Taylor Swift to discover me and bring me on tour with her, but until then I talk on the radio and I love it.  I also love hockey, chicken wings, a good handshake and a good cry in the bath while listening to Enya. I'm excited to work in this beautiful city! If you see someone in a Pittsburgh Penguins hat, jersey or shirt (or all of the above) it's Probably Me. H.A.G.S