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Remember when your mom made you eat brussel sprouts as a kid because they were "good for you" well turns out mom knew what she was talking about. Here are 5 superfoods your not eating but should be. Good luck and happy health. Brussel sprouts....YUCK LOL

 1. Sardines. They are super high in Omega 3's, vitamin D and very low in contaminants.

2. Quinoa. A grain that is higher in protein and fiber than rice.

3. Swiss Chard. A vegetable loaded with vitamin K, calcium and antioxidants.

4. Brussel Sprouts. Not the most popular vegetable but they are filled with nutrients.

5. Adzuki Beans. They have more protein and fiber than most beans and have the lowest levels of fat. of most other beans. They're also loaded with potassium and zinc, among others.

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